The Greatest

Just in case you’re interested, the CDC Admin 2 wants feedback on which games to load into the Player:

We’re looking to load a select group of historical Canucks games into the CDC player in condensed format and would like fan input.

What games (please supply a date and an opponent) would you most like to see and why?



There are already votes for:

  • 1982 Towel power (both games) vs Chicago
  • 1989 Last game vs Calgary
  • 1991 vs Winnipeg (Bure’s first NHL game on November 5)
  • 1994 Game 7 vs Calgary
  • 1994 Game 5 vs Toronto
  • 1994 Game 1 vs New York
  • 1994 Game 6 vs New York
  • 2004 Game 6 vs Calgary
  • 2007 Game 1 vs Dallas

But if you see something missing, let them know!

Note: You’ll need an account at CDC to post.